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Out the back

One day when I was working at an appliance/electronics store, one of the salesmen came back to service and said that we had to see what was happening out front.

We went up front and looked into the street.

There was a pickup in front of the store, stopped in the street, and there was a large box on the ground behind it, blocking traffic (as was the truck). Two men were trying to get the obviously heavy box off the ground and back into the truck.

One of the warehouse people filled us in.

They had just bought a new big screen TV and didn't tie it down in the back of the truck. The warehouse people said that they objected and the buyer got belligerent.

On the turn out of the parking lot, he apparently accelerated rather hard, and lost the set out of the back of the truck just as he was leaving our lot.

The warehouse people found this highly amusing.

When they got done laughing, they went out and helped load it back into the truck, so it could be brought back to me for an estimate.

It was totaled. The buyer was a lot more humble at this point than he was when refusing to tie it down.