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The Muffler

About 22 years ago, 1983, I was driving down what seemed to be a deserted stretch of 30th street in Indianapolis.

I was driving my Baja Bug (modified VW beetle), and I had just installed a set of dual Weber carburetors since the single Holley I had been using didn't work too well with the hotter cam I had put in.

A friend riding with me said that he noticed that the engine seemed to rev a lot faster now. I pushed in the clutch and revved it up to the redline a couple times. It did indeed rev up rather rapidly.

It made a lot of noise as well, the exhaust was a "stinger", a megaphone connected to the header's collector, with no muffler.

A few seconds later, a cop pulled me over and started to write up a ticket for a defective muffler.

My friend started laughing. The cop and I gave him a funny look, but didn't say anything.

After the cop left, I asked what was so funny. He said that he had to either laugh or tell the cop that he couldn't write me up for a defective muffler -because I didn't have one.