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Clock resetting on a KDC-BT368U Kenwood stereo (one half hour off)

March 2018

"I searched for this problem with Google, and didn't get any results, so I'm putting this up in case anyone else runs into this problem."

I wrote that three years ago about a JVC Car Stereo (KD-R730BT) in my truck. The problem was a clock that could be set, but would soon set itself 2 hours and 10 minutes into the future. For that, see here:


This seems to be a surprisingly common problem, that page aways does well in the page view statistics for this site.

A week ago, I got a Kenwood KDC-BT368U stereo for my new truck. To my great surprise, I discovered that the new stereo had a familiar problem. I'd set the clock and a few minutes later, the time would change, in this case ahead by one half hour. It did it as often as I cared to try it.

The problem with the JVC was that it was trying to set the time automatically via satellite radio. Which I did not have. Looking through the manual for the Kenwood, I saw something similar, "TIME SYNC" When turned on, this automatically sets the clock from the time transmitted by a radio station. I have no idea how the station used is selected, but whatever it chose, it was 1/2 an hour off.

To turn this off, press the volume button to get into the settings menu. Then select the clock settings and scroll through until you find the "TIME SYNC" entry and turn it off. The manual I'm reading now says that this is the only setting in this menu, but on mine there were other options. It's cold and windy, so I don't want to go out and confirm this. Turning that setting off fixed it for me, the time remains where I set it.