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J.R. Buchanan


The Earrings

Once, years ago, my sister was sick. She was given a prescription by her doctor that required her to get up in the middle of the night to take two pills.

Before going to bed, she set two pills out on the vanity and set her alarm clock.

The next morning she was surprised to find the pills where she placed them the night before, despite her memory of getting up and taking them.

Then she went to put on her earrings. They were missing, despite a clear memory of having placed them on the vanity.

It didn't take long to realize what happened. She was quite upset and talked her doctor into an X-Ray, which verified that she had indeed swallowed the earrings. What to do? Waiting on nature to take care of the problem was all that the doctor would recommend. She never did actually reclaim the earrings...