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It's all downhill from here

I used to work for a major appliance/electronics store. I mostly did TV repair.

Early on in my television repair career I did a lot of in-home service calls. As I got more experience, I had more say in what I did. I said "no" to in home calls, as they are often unpleasant, and sometimes actually dangerous,

Well, one day in the last year I worked in this field, they sweet-talked me into doing a service call. It was a warranty call on a brand new big screen TV that had been picked up just a few hours earlier.

I followed the directions and found the house with no trouble. I drove up the windy driveway to their house at the top of a hill, parking in the last part of the drive before their garage, a steep section backing a ravine.

I parked next to a pickup truck with no tailgate.

As I went towards the front door, I was met by a young couple who were quite distraught and were quite worried that the problem might not be covered by the warranty.

I told them I'd take a look and walked to the front door. they said that the TV wasn't there and walked me to the edge of the ravine. There, at the bottom, at the end of a trail of crushed underbrush, was a brand new big screen TV, still in the box.

It seems that they hadn't tied it down in the back of their truck, and when they hit the steep part of their driveway, it rolled out the back of the truck and down the hillside.

They thought that this might be covered under warranty?

I informed them that it wasn't and they actually took it better than I expected.

Then they wanted an estimate on repair!

I told them that it was surely totaled, but they wanted me to make sure. I told them that this would be no problem, all they had to do was call me when they got the TV back up to the house.

Then they got upset. They said they had no way to get it up, I had to go down!

We argued for a while, then I left.

They complained to the store, but not much came of it after I explained what had happened.