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J.R. Buchanan



I have a recurring dream. I get up in the middle of the night, in my parent's house on Sheffield drive, on the east side of Indianapolis. I find my way into the bathroom in the dark, and turn on the light.

Instead of the room being lit, just the light is lit. I can see it glowing, but it illuminates nothing.

I try the other light. Same thing.

I go out into the hallway and try the light there. I can see the light light up, but the hallway stays dark.

I decide to go to the circuit breaker panel, and pick up a flashlight. I get the same effect. It doesn't seem to work. No beam of light. When I aim it into my eyes, I see the bulb glowing, but that's it.

I feel my way to the breaker panel, where I discover the font cover is missing, all of the wires are disconnected, and are writhing around like snakes. How I know this in the dark, I'm not sure, but it is a dream after all. I always wake up at this point.