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Cheated by Fry's Electronics

June 2017

Update: since this was posted, Karla sent some letters to Fry's, one of them made it to the right person and shortly after that, the previously unreachable manager at our local store contacted us and "Made it Right." This doesn't undo what they did, and did deliberately, and have apparently have done to others, but it did seem to be important as an update this story.

Last year, on the 28th of April, 2016, we bought a Toshiba laptop from Fry's Electronics, at the Fishers Indiana store. It was in a box and sold as new. This year, about 15 days before the 1 years warranty was up, the touchpad stopped working.

We took it into Fry's to have it repaired. We showed them that the trackpad didn't work. We all agreed on that. But Toshiba's database they said it was not under warranty. It seems that their database said that it had been registered in October 2015, therefore it was out of warranty.

We showed them the receipt, they said that they didn't know how this happened, but it was not under warranty. The receipt clearly indicated that this was purchased as a new device, and had the proper date on it. They suggested that we call Toshiba and see if they would extend the warranty. My thought was, "Why would they do that, it had already been sold in October of 2015?" Toshiba didn't do anything other than telling us that it had been registered by a Mr. Dodd in October 2015. No record of us registering it in 2016. That's been more than a year ago, I can't remember if the registration went through for us, with or without a warning. In any case, Toshiba said tough luck. I don't blame them, I blame Fry's.

At first Fry's refused to do anything, but when we started to complain that they had sold us a used laptop as a new one, they got the manager who said that if we paid $50 for shipping, they'd send it back to Toshiba to look at. My wife pointed out that this was ridiculous, and the manager backpedaled and said that he never intended for us to pay shipping. They would completely cover the out of warranty repairs for us.

So off the laptop went. A few days ago it came back and we went to get it. It turns out that they did not ship it to Toshiba, but to their repair center in California. Not a big deal. What was a big deal was that they returned it as "no problem found." At that point, they had wiped everything off the laptop and reinstalled the operating system, on the theory that it was a software problem. They thought this since it worked when they got it in California. Fortunately I'm not stupid and made several backups of the machine before we took it in. At Fry's they said that we should have chosen to pay $49 to have it backed up. They never offered this, and they were back to wanting to charge us for a warranty repair.

They told us that if it failed again in the next 30 days, we could bring it back under the 30 day service warranty. What? Only 30 days? After selling us a used laptop as new, and then giving us a hard time about fixing it? Then not even trying to guess what the hardware problem was?

I'm pretty sure that it's an intermittent hardware problem, and that shipping it across the country jostled it enough that it's working for the moment. I'm thinking that the trackpad failed for Mr. Dodd and that he returned it. The intermittent trackpad was working that that point, so they decided to sell it as new. And we got it. Then the trackpad lasted almost a year before failing again. What are the odds that it will stay working? What are the odds that when it fails, it will be past the 30 days?

After this, we were very concerned about future reliability and asked them to replace it with a new laptop, since that's what they falsely claimed it was in the first place. What we paid for. The manager said that we didn't have proof that it was purchased in October 2015, Toshiba's database could be wrong, maybe a clerical error. Unlikely since registration is done online nowadays, no paper card to fill out. The serial number is automatically supplied by the operating system. No chance for transcription errors.

Bottom line: Don't buy anything from Fry's electronics, they can't be trusted. I'm certainly not stepping foot there after this is resolved.

Below are some other customer stories taken from the Fry's in Fishers Indiana Facebook page. There are a lot of negative reviews, I just grabbed three. One of which is about a gentleman buying a supposedly new laptop and receiving a used device.

Other customer's stories

Found at https://www.facebook.com/pg/FryselectronicsFishers/reviews/

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