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Book review: Always Unstable: Bipolar and Hospitalisation: A Memoir

I read a lot of blogs on mental health. On of my favorites is Always Unstable: Me and my messy little mind. By Meghan Schultz In it, she discusses her mental health journey. Well, Meghan has written a book!

The book is what it says, a memoir of her experiences with bipolar disorder and is broken down by periods of inpatient hospital stays. This organization works well, and I enjoyed reading it. Every time I read about someone's life experiences with bipolar, it always strikes me how similar, and yet how totally different everyone's experience is. It's worth reading this book to see this, if for no other reason. However, there are many other reasons to read the book, it is a solid description of bipolar, and is written in an open and interesting manner.

Meghan has been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. Her journey started at age 15 when she attempted suicide. The description on Amazon says "This book is a heart wrenching, devastating, and brutally honest book." It is. Spoiler: This book describes attempted suicide and self-harm. It also uses some mild "language". If this will bother you, don't read the book. It shouldn't be a problem for most people, and the insights into mental illness are especially worth it to those who do not live with mental illness.

The book's a bargain on Amazon at $2.99 (as of the date of writing this), you can purchase it for Amazon Kindle here: Always Unstable: Bipolar and Hospitalisation: A Memoir

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Index of all blog entries